Time For Yoga

Guidance & Inspiration

Living in Asia for seven years I devoted most of my time to travel through the vast continent, joining meditations programs and yoga retreats. During that time I learned to access my body more deeply through yoga and breath and then to listen to my body's prescription for my own healing process. Later on, I realised that when spirituality and psychology come together, there emerges a more holistic vision of life!. 

"My mission is to make authentic lineage-based teachings accessible to everyone, regardless of your experience, geographical location or background. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, this is the place for real and authentic yoga – for all levels". 


The breath has long been recognized as the "giver of life". Our breath begins as we come into the physical world and stops as we leave it.

While it happens automatically, it is also something we can consciously control and regulate, and many traditions have documented and recognized the connection of proper breathing to vitality and longevity. 


In the yogic tradition, the exploration of the breath is vast and varied. These practices together will help you to experience the widely different uses, techniques, and magic of our breathing!